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Linemen Rock - Attempting to Transform A Brand


I am Krista, the founder of Linemen Rock and a lineman's wife. We created Linemen Rock in December of 2011 and went live in January of 2012. Since then we have had major growth and have sold thousands of shirts. I am trying to evolve our feel to something a litle more grunge and whispy. It's hard when our logo is a cartoon lineman dude, but hey. We have also used a lot of "funny" sayings in our brand.

For lack of sounding like a total wimp.... we want a lineman's version of Black Helmet or *cough* Affliction without looking like either and while representing linemen.



My goal this week is to find the courage to step outside of what we are already doing. Do we want to use sketches or start using more photography?

ALSO ... In the syllabus he mentions seasons and we don't really have them. OMG should we? Should we ditch designs come fall?? Should we be planning for seasons rather than keeping designs on our website until we get tired of them? We have been redesigning items, but not really coming out with any new concepts.

In the meantime ... week 1.


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