Line, Shape, and Texture

Line, Shape, and Texture - student project

I fully came to the realization in this exercise that I am drawn to lines and shapes but specifically lines and shapes that create texture, or the appearance of texture. Most of my own work is either soft fluid lines or shapes but I love the combination of those lines or shapes to create a tactile feeling. It really dawned on me when I realized I love the work of stippling artists and simple pen and ink artists like in the children's book Ferdinand where the illustrator Robert Lawson combines a bit of both.Line, Shape, and Texture - image 1 - student projectI love organic lines that create more modern graphic shapes but I also love the more primal feel many lines put together give (giving it texture). I love when lines are fluid and move from thick to thin, giving them a sense of movement.

Line, Shape, and Texture - image 2 - student project

I love shapes created from simple lines and if they overlap and intertwine I think shapes also can create a beautiful texture.

Line, Shape, and Texture - image 3 - student project

I love texture and combining shapes and lines to create those textures. I also love contrasting textures when possible.