Lindy's Life

Lindy's Life - student project

Class: Drawing as self discovery - 5 ways to start by Mari Andrews

I've been on the path of self improvement for a while now, and I'm always looking for new ways to keep working on myself. I was excited to find this course and enjoy it very much.

Here's a breakdown of my projects.



1. The pie chart of resilience

It was good to reflect on my life and see the tough periods as positives for a change. This exercise really helped me see these obstacles as what make me who I am today.

I didn't draw a pie chart because I wanted it to be more like a timeline. All these things happened in a certain order and I can always add to this line as my life progresses.

The colours are chosen on purpose. The blues and purples correspond to the darkest periods in my life  (life with an abusive boyfriend, eating disorder and depression) and the pinks, reds and yellow represent positive conscious choices in my life.


Lindy's Life - image 1 - student project



2. Heart vs Brain

I didn't mean to make a comic, but that's what it became in the end, I guess. :)

This piece is based on many arguments with my partner and the conclusion that I let my emotions control me too often. 

It turned out as a battle between the heart and the brain, in which they throwing blows in the form of their best argumentation on what to follow.

As you can see, my brain is a bit of a know-it-all, and as you can see, even though the heart got defeated, she is still alive, because she is a tough one. :)


Lindy's Life - image 2 - student project



3. Gratitude list

So here are a few things I'm grateful for.

My daughter, Willow, is currently 2 months old and she's been in and out of hospitals ever she was born. We had to move from our home in Thailand to Iceland and now we are in the US for further surgery. But she's a tough girl and she's doing well. 

I'm grateful for all the people who are helping us out with housing, donating clothes for our baby, all our friends who hosted a fundraiser to help with the medical bills, etc. We are currently staying in the Ronald McDonald House and I'm so humbled that a place like this exists where people come every day with food and supplies for everyone staying here.

On top of that, we are seeing the ONLY doctor in his field who was able to diagnose Willow's condition and he is also the ONLY doctor in the world who can treat her. So happy we were referred to the right people.

It hasn't been easy on us, but we have each other and we will get through this tough time.

I kinda messed up a little. I erased the pencil lines too soon, and my ink smudged a little. 
OH WELL! :) 


Lindy's Life - image 3 - student project



4. Comic about a funny situation

When I was learning to ride a bicycle without training wheels, I went to the park around the corner by myself. The park was just 20 meters from my home.

I tried for a while, but I didn't manage to actually ride the bike without falling, or putting my feet on the ground. So I gave up trying and was just chilling on the grass.

A few neighbourhood boys came into the park, and I got scared. Not that these boys meant any harm, but they were about 14-15 years old, and little me got a bit intimidated I guess.

So I jumped on my bike and without thinking, I just pedaled it straight home. My mum just came around the corner to check up on me and saw me riding my bike straight towards her.

Up until that point, I didn't realize what had happened and when my mum asked me what I had just done, I was confused for a second, thinking I may have done something wrong. 

Then all of a sudden it dawned on me. I rode my bike, without falling, without overthinking it. 
I DID IT. And I was ever so proud. :) 


Lindy's Life - image 4 - student project



5. Snapshot of the future

My dream is to build a small home, self sustaining, surrounded by plants, flowers and animals, in a country that I love. We used to live in Thailand, but that's not the place I want to settle down just yet. Either way, my future country will be tropical.

I want to teach the local kids English and arts & crafts, while my husband can teach music and singing. I have an image of a good friend of mine who can teach meditation and yoga, too.

Anyway, so here's a picture of my future, where Dan and I are surrounded by the kids, in a lovely setting. Our 3 cats are also there and they have made friends with the neighbourhood dog. :) 

The key words for the future me would be 4 C's:
Complete, Caring, Compassionate & Carefree.


Lindy's Life - image 5 - student project



This concludes the projects I did for this class by Mari.
Thanks so much for taking a peek at my drawings. I enjoyed doing these very much! :) 


Smile! Happiness looks good on you. ❤