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Amelia Richard

Artist at Heart



Lindsey Residence Landscape Redesign

The site:

The site is on a lot on Willis Ave in Dallas, Texas. It is a good sized lot and the house sits in the middle. The front yard is mostly shaded by an elm and a pecan with several other smaller unwanted trees. The backyard has one large pecan that provides shade for most of the yard. The back of the yard towards the fence gets plenty of sun for most of the day. It is a good spot for a big vegetable garden.


The Client:

The clients is Charlotte Lindsey. She has lived in this house for almost 20 years and due to an injury has yet to really do to her lot that she would like to. She is an artist and a collector of eclectic objects. Some she uses in her art and some in her garden/ yard. She has two young grandson’s who love to come over and play in her yard and gardens. She would like to clean up the yards and move a lot of the clutter and unwanted plants. She has a list of plants she would like to add.

Program Elements:

Water fountain and several bird baths/ feeders

put in sprinkler system for grass and perennials

create a better recycled water system for vegetable gardens

Remove unwanted trees and plants

increase privacy in front and back yard

add butterfly plants

Add fruit trees

New stone pathways

reconfigure vegetable gardens

Take down shed

Find a new ground cover for the front yard

Take down wood patio and replace with stone big enough for dining

Create a BBQ area

Create a seating/ relaxing area closer to the vegetable garden



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