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Lindsay's Art of Typography coursework

This is my attempt at the mini project, 10 words 10 typefaces. I used fonts that I have available in photoshop. I found 'Futuristic' the most difficult and I'm most happy with 'Sporty' and 'Flirty' let me know what you think? I'm tempted to do a version in colour so watch this space for that one!

These are some pictures of typography I like, found around my home. I found it quite difficult to distinguish the type from the object as a whole/surrounding illustrations but I think I have learned that I like type that is (or looks like) it has been printed/stamped or typed in a traditional way eg letterpress, screenprinted etc or type that is handpainted. I particularly like type that has a 'texture' to it so hope that I can acheive some of these points in my final project!

This is my attempt at kerning the word 'Typography' using the font Garamond in photoshop. The top version is how it types automatically and the bottom version is my attempt. I have an old version of photoshop so had to type in the number of points rather than being able to use arrow keys - may have to download illustrator for final project!

This is a photo of my copying exercise, I drew them by eye - as you can probably tell!

I've also been having some fun trying out, I drew a simple font in my (messy) handwriting and then duplicated it in photoshop to get the shadow effect and then added some scribbles behind the first letters. this is for a mother's day design I'm currently working on. Don't think I'll end up using this font as it was the first attempt but am really encouraged by the result and will certainly try more! They also had a new improved version: 


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