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Lia Latty

Beginning to explore life through a camera lens.



Lincoln Road

Raw picture

Warm, Sun Beginning To Rise

For this, I increased the temperature and saturation, added some tint, enhanced the shadows and the highlights, and sharpened it just a little bit.

Cold-like Vision

To try and achieve the chilly feel I was going for, I brought down the temperature and the contrast, and increased the fade and the tint a little. Same with the shadows, highlghts, and sharpen.

Nearly Drained Of Color

I was trying to go for some sort of old, almost black and white like feel for this edit. So, I raised the exposure, temperature, and highlights a bit, brought down the contrast and the saturation, increased the vignette a little, and sharpened it a bit as well.

While I was getting to class, I saw that the sun was starting to rise judging by the colors showing in the sky. The scenery altogether looked really great, so I decided to take the picture. I used the app VSCOcam to edit the photos. This is my first try, so I hope you enjoy it :^)


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