Liminality - student project

"A Lion Does Not Lose Sleep Over the Opinion of Sheep."

Liminality - image 1 - student project

One topic that has always brought me great inner turmoil is the notion that the work that I am creating is doing more harm than good. Although all projects have a justifiable purpose, I have always wanted to create work based on a higher purpose other than for frivolous use of society at the detriment of our planet and its creatures.

I am currently involved in a Graduate level history of landscape architecture course. We are studying the grandeous landscapes of Europe. Landscapes created by the wealthy, for the wealthy. With their creation and purpose, no one but themselves & their own pleasures were considered. The only consideration was how their landscapes made them look more powerful, creative and important in comparison to their elite counterparts. These ornate lifestyle choices showed off the power of their country- it depicted how hard working, intelligent, healthy and productive its people were. These landscapes also showed the socities ability to harness the power of nature. These palaces and landscapes said to the world, "Don't Mess With Us."

For this class we are to create a reflection piece regarding these landscapes. Although most may look at the palace and gardens of Versailles to be the most beautiful masterpiece on the planet, I view this as a lonely place devoid of positive human interaction and compassion. These contrived landscape makes me cringe.

My main complaint: Although you have the money to do something, it doesn't give you the right to do it.

But if you're a true lion, you don't worry about the wellbeing of sheep. You do what you want, when you want, no matter what.