LimePalace / Forest Follies

My concept for this collection is something I've wanted to do for a while now! I started designing under the handle LimePalace when I was a little less confident about sharing work with my name attached to it. I've use my name more and more, but would love to keep LimePalace as sort of a label. My style is a bit whimsical and kid-friendly so I was thinking an entire collection centered around animals in a kingdom with a mix of fantasy (dragons, unicorns, etc.) would be tons of fun. Of course the palace will be lime green and maybe there will even be a lime garden somewhere in there. (Are lime gardens a thing??) 



Oh my, am I behind!?! This January has been not kind as I've already had the flu and now bronchitis since Friday. It's kept me away from work as well as personal projects such as this one. Luckily, I'm feeling the end of it and managed to do draw a bit this afternoon. However, most of it was trash so I'm in the process of transferring what I like on tracing paper to see if I have enough worth saving. ;) 

Working a little backwards now. Here's a potential coordinate I made while working out other things I may want to add to the hero print. I think this one is inspired by the idea of a royal botanical garden. 


And...here's the Hero I've been working on forever. I just can't seem to get it right! Don't worry. I'll finish up this collection by the time the next workshop rolls around! ;)


OK...so I'm still nowhere near finished with this collection, but I thought I would share my progress. Here's what's on my screen tonight. :)






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