Lily's fine establishment

Lily's fine establishment - image 1 - student project

I do pole fitness so I used one of my own photos as a reference for this - the concept was *made* for a neon look!

I chose a different font as I felt the more wavy look fit the design better.


Really fun and easy to follow tutorial, the only thing I kept struggling with was when I deselected the initial line I was trying to neon-ify but all its attributes stayed in the Appearance panel and I modified those only to have them have no effect. After I figured out what was happening I made sure to have the line selected and then everything worked smoothly!


Update: I actually have one question - In the initial photo I posted, you can see that the colour of the pole has a pinkish tint to it. I went back to see why this is - when I clicked on it, it was showing as having no graphic style applied, only a pink stroke. However, it is still just the one line (I didnt accidentally make a copy in front). When I removed the pink stroke, I was left with just the grey glow and white line inside - which is what I wanted - but I am not sure why.

The screenshots below might help illustrate (pun not intended!) what I mean:

In the screenshot  below, I have the pole selected - and you can see it has no path colour and no graphics style applied to it in the appearance panel.

Lily's fine establishment - image 2 - student projectIn the second screenshot below I selected the foot, which correctly shows the graphics style applied to it. So.. why is the pole in the first screenshot glowing?!

Lily's fine establishment - image 3 - student project

UPDATE 2: Oh, I actually see in the first screenshot there's a white and black square icon in the appearance panel, at the top right. Clicking on it shows me the graphic styles applied to the selection. Really unintuitive because when I select an anchor on the line, the graphic style is unfurled by default but when I select the whole line it is hidden behind that icon until I click it. But I think that's what it was.