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Natalie Zart

Floral, cheerful and neat illustration



Lily garden pattern collection

Hi everyone!

I'm Natalie, a self-taught illustrator based in Vienna, Austria. Drawing has always been a huge passion of mine, but due to various circumstances in life, I could not pursue an artistic carreer until this year. After 6 years of having a full time day job (and drawing in the nights), saving and planning, I am finally doing what I love, every day. 

Although I generally draw using a pencil, ink and watercolor, I am very hungry to learn new and exciting ways of producing illustrations, mainly from those that I admire. I've been reading Bonnie's blog for about 2 years now and so her course was immediately on my dream list.

I was therefore ecstatic when I noticed her post on Instagram one midnight (European time) where she announced that she was giving out 50 free spaces on this course over at Bessoted Blog and I literally screamed out of happiness when I made it and got in. 

I've been following the course over 5 weeks, pausing every video many times, replaying videos and following them step by step. 

I finished exactly on the deadline of the challenge Bonnie has created for us, that is March 31st :) Here is a sneak peak to my process and finished patterns:







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