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Lily Makes Paper

This Mood Board is designed for a project that I hope to do in the future called Lily Makes Paper. 

The Goal: To create beautiful stationery for people in love. Seems like a dreamy goal, but the use is actually much more practical as well as romantic. I want to create a brand that makes you think of the person you love and move you to simply want to write to them. Actually in the flesh hand write to the person in your life whom you simply can't do without. I would want to place the label on the boxes of every stationary set I make. So It could be a sticker or it could be embossed right on the box. Again, the goal here is to create a label for stationery. Not cards, but good paper that can be used for handwriting meaningful letters.

Inspiration: I chose some pictures I have taken, a family relic, one of my engagement pictures, a fun and colorful wedding, an illustration done for my blog, some Kinfolk,  & a little intricate work done on embroidery and a book to encapsulate a mood of romance, tradition, elegance, and a healthy dose of things that make you smile, to be my Mood Board. I want my product to be something that radiates effort, beauty, & happiness. Something that will really make you smile when you receive a note from the person you love most. Somehow, I want my product to sell that it is a tool to share a story. 

And here are the sketches :

Which evolved into...

and then moved on to: 

and then I thought I was going to end with this:  Hand drawn, Watercolor by hand, and organization by Pixelmator: 

I stood back, I looked at it. I liked it, I hated it. I said all sort of things and decided to try one more time. 

Here we go again... 

After I started drawing again and redo-ing my watercolor then the vision came into my head: 

This became it! And I just took a step to make it a little more wild: 

This is my final & I am very happy that I took a step back and had another go. 


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