Lil box o' memories

Lil box o' memories - student project

My dad passed away 6 years ago and he always kept wooden boxes of little treasures that must have had some memory attached to them. After he died, I took one of his wooden boxes and keep a little box of memories of him. Some items are things I stole from his box that I made for him, some are things he gave me, some just make me think of him. I have the signature on the card included tattooed on my wrist. So here's my first collection: Memories of Dad.

Ps. Kate, I have the biggest design crush on you. I've followed you on instagram for a few years now and I love your work! When I found out you had a skillshare course it was a no-brainer to take your class. Thanks for all of the inspiration. <3 

Lil box o' memories - image 1 - student project