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Hello there!

I'm so excited to be taking part in this wonderful course/project.  It's great to see how many of you are designers/illustrators/etc.  I think that will lead to some FANTASTIC projects coming out of this course.  Myself?  I'm just your garden-variety closet geek.  I'm a happily married (14 yrs) father of three...Engineer at a Telecom company...who just happens runs a Garbage Pail Kids website on the side (

I am so thankful that Paul put this course together, and can't wait to see where this journey takes me!!

Good luck everyone!

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Soooo…I took a NUMBER of different runs at my Mood Board.  In the end I noticed a number of different themes popping out.  I decided to ignore the color-schemes and time-period ones and focus on a particular theme that was gradually emerging.

First Pass @ Mood Board:

Lots of images - all over the place - or are they?

Second Pass @ Mood Board:

I realized that a couple distinct themes were EXTREMELY prevalent in my brainstorming…KIDDO & ADULT

Final Pass @ Mood Board:

Perhaps it’s due to the fact I have run for the past 7 years, but I instantly noticed a conflict between CHILD and ADULT in my images.  Furthermore, I saw some serious potential for creating some fun toys by playing off the parody and juxtaposition of combining a kids toy with adult themes…something which so many 80’s parody cards executed to perfection!! (see GPK, Wacky Packages, etc.).

I see tremendous potential for Li’l RASCALS - and I welcome ALL FEEDBACK over the next month+

Cheers to everyone else on this journey :)


So I’ve been working on finalizing some images in my head - and as it stands now I see these toys throwing the casual observer for a loop.  On the surface they look just like kids toys (think Fisher Price Little People) - but upon further inspection they ALL have something that doesn’t belong!  Some would be obvious, others would be a little more subtle.  There are a number of different ways to go with this…here are a few I’ve been working on:

  • cute little nurse figure that has a tramp-stamp showing when you turn the figure around
  • cute little policeman figure holding a 40oz in a brown bag
  • cute little baseball player holding a syringe instead of a bat

I have some more ideas but I’ll keep those under wraps for now :)  As you can see from the sketches I really want these to look like a toddler toy with a sick twist!

More to come soon!  Feedback is always welcome!


Wow!  Drawing toys is sooooooooo difficult!  I have such a clear-idea in my head but had a VERY hard time translating it to paper.  My main hang-up was getting the body shape the way I like it.  After re-drawing it dozens of times I think I finally stumbled upon something I can move forward with.

Here are a few of the initial runs:

While I felt many of them were "close" none of them just felt "right".  At long last I had a little bit of an A-HA! moment this afternoon.  (Note to self, when I started this thing I had 'squatty' in mind but for some reason yesterday I kept stretching the toy out more and more...eventually wasting a bunch of time!  Duh!)

Anyway, here's the sketch/shape that I think I will push forward with:

Just the right amount of cuteness...and ready to sick-and-twist up a little bit!  I can almost picture a baby's chubby mits around these things :)

Anyway - thanks for checking in - and I hope everyone else had an easier go at the sketching than I did!!  Take care!


Okay.  Drawing something from multiple-angles is MUCH harder than I thought it would be.  I am also seeing where my lack of PhotoShop skills is going to come into play.  I wanted to get a template of the figure on my computer so I literally scanned in a drawing and used the Pen Tool in Ps to trace out my figure.  Certainly, not the best way, but it worked good enough!

I have spent a lot of time doodling out characters, shapes, hair, etc. in an effort to get this thing nailed down.  I have decided to go with the Baseball Player With Steroids as my first control drawing.  As I continue to work on drawing from all angles, here's just a quick shot at one of my numerous 'doodle-sheets':

I appreciate the feedback received to-date...and, as always...thanks for looking!


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