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Lil Pirate

I got to this class pretty late, so I had a lot of good projects to look through to kickstart my research. I've continued to use my already-existing Pinterest illustration board to collect examples of work I really like:

There are a lot of artists who work in a style that I really love: Matt, of course, and others like Luke Flowers, Christopher Lee, and Isuri Merenchi Hewage. I love the use of texture/color and the character design, so my goal for this Skillshare class was to develop my skill in those areas. 


I started with some pirate sketches. I spent a lot of time on the big guy on the right—I thought he was precious, so I passed on my other sketches and began to develop him.

First sketches.

I liked Matt's process of creating a sort of random/oblong shape to form the body, so I tried that. I liked what I got, though I think I'm still having trouble anchoring the characters on their legs.

I cleaned him up a little bit, moving his limbs around a little and giving him a parrot.

And the final inking, which I think looks awful. Good thing it won't stick around for long. (I realized how rough my tablet pressure consistency is, so I'm working on practicing that now.)


I'm a lot more comfortable in Illustrator, so I enjoyed this step. 

And I've added initial color and begun experimenting with the techniques. I definitely am not getting the results I want, so I'm going to readjust the color and practice with the texture brushes some more. 


So, after fiddling and continuing to be unhappy, I finally went back and adjusted the vector lines. I also chose a new color palette as a jumping-off point. I'm liking things a little more now.


And here's the final one!

I may have to revisit it because I'm not quite happy with how it turned out, but I think it was a pretty decent first attempt!


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