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Lil Debbiez (prod. Vibez)

I came up with this idea for a shoot when these girls I know went and got their hair braided at the same time and what's funny is I was watching throwback videos of Lil Debbie on youtube so I wanted to recreate something that kind of replicates her style and combine it with these girl's peronalities.

From the very begginning things were already going bad. I actually had been really unprepared for the shoot. The look I was originally go for was having the girls on a rooftop with the city in the background but the building I usually go to, had locked up their roof access and it was raining outside so I decided to switch it up and work with the lighting coming inside the building and using the space given to me. I also worked with random objects I found inside the building and made the best of it. Second bad thing about the shoot was when we drove out to the valley where we were supposed to meet with someone who was going to allow us to use their car as prop and he had cancelled last minute. Luckily I was able to spot out my buddy's car in a parking lot where he works and things were turning out better than expected. 

This was actually the first shoot I've ever done with female models. The editing could use a lot more work but I was mainly focused on capturing the vibes these girls were giving off and seeing how they were able to feel really comfortable with eachother. I am open to any critisicm, I would love to hear what people have to say about the project. I'm looking to improve. 

You can see more photos on my ig (deadvibezzz) or tumblr (vibe2dis).


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