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I wanted to work on this initially with my own brand and put in some much needed time on my own stuff.  Below is my initial work on the brand brief, though it’s my intention to return and develop it some more. 

I previously had a logo and branding that I worked on, but am unsatisfied with it, so this seemed like a great opportunity to get to work on it,


Story/ About Likely Tale

Kate is passionate about art, story and music.  She believe that there is much to be shared through each of these and that in many ways, they will be the things that save us.  

However in her search for story she often find there is a lack of balance.  Much is either light or dark and there is an absence of story embracing the grey in between, things that celebrate the light in the dark, or the dark in the light.  

Through imagery, music, art, and story, she seeks to turn the volume up on loving everything about our messy existence - and help us love all sides of the story. 

She shares these perspectives through designed products, written stories, music, art and imagery.  

Likely Tale itself is based on the idea that we create the likeliness of our tales through our perspectives. Even the unlikely is eventual, with the appropriate perspective.  We create the whole of our realities, even in ways we don’t realize. 

Likely Tale, is a cumulative work in creating our own tales. 


Logo brief

The logo needs to represent the contrast and inclusion of both light and dark, and should have a crow or raven as the center piece. The symbology of the crow is central to the brand - where the crow is the guide of lost souls to where they belong.  A representation of wisdom and signs. 


Target market 

Both male and female, though more female-centric, ages 25-45. They are people who are interested in art and story, and aren’t afraid of gothic imagery.  Perhaps those who are looking for something a little “more” in their own stories, even if they can’t articulate it, 


Brand Values





Describe your business in 1-2 sentences.

Designs and stories to deepen experience. 


Would you say your services are high-end, middle of the road, or budget friendly?

Middle of the road


What three words best describe your business.

Gothic, positive, thought-provoking


What are your favourite brands and why?

Neil Gaiman (writer) - the depth and style of story, and general attitude. 

Inktober - general art style they curate

Banksy - as an art style, and the narrative created around it.


What would you like your clients to say about your business.

I was looking for something that I enjoyed looking at, and adds depth to my life.  Likely Tale’s products and services really resonate with me, and I enjoy sharing them.


Where will you advertise your business?

Word of mouth / Instagram / Facebook / Pinterest


Where do you see your business ...

One year...

Building a following with story and online shop open with prints & clothing designs, and design services to like minded brands or creatives.

5 Years 

Supportive collaboration with other like minded artists

10 years

Self sustaining and thriving, a leader in the niche.


Who is your ideal client?

Repeat buyer interested in amplifying the style of story being shared.  He/she listens to a lot of music and is passionate about it. They have interest in sub/counter culture in their own unique way.  They resonate with Poe imagery, and want to lean toward positive thinking styles but aren’t finding the right fit.


Likely Tale - life craft with sass.

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Kate Johnson
Artist, musician, writer, chef.