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Like yesterday's jam (in process)


Hola SkillShareros! So let's begin this little research. This is my first serious investigation in graphic design history and it is a bit stifling. I started looking poster in Art Noveau era because it's one of my favourite periods of illustration. In the end, after looking for interesting material to analize, I chose the 20's. I must say that because I don't know almost anything about history I am not totally sure if this picture are historical correct. So I trust in its sources -which I'll put below so you can check them.







This is a label made between 1920s-1940s for a syrup. So because of the type of product is announcing, its information is very precise and the main idea (it IS the best syrup house) is centered in a circular golden layout. The little details in gold also strengthen its name and the main concept of the product: it's the best. 







The next one is an Ariel bike poster made back in 1920's. I really like the very art noveau "C" and the serif font. Also I love how it plays with round and rect lines to give dynamism to the whole picture, supported also by primary colors. The more important information is set in a big and bold type.


For this part I used the following links, very usuful to get a general notion of history:


This was my first contact with some of the GF History so If there are some declarations which are clearly wrong, or some big and horrible grammatic mistake, please comment ir below so I can change it. It was a great excersive to make!



Hierarchy & Shapes

I. I decide to make a label project using one of my favourite lines of one of my favourite TV shows, IT Crowd: "They toss us away like yesterday's jam!". So I decided to make up some lines of a contradictory jam. I put them in order of relevance and size:

  1. Yesterday's Jam
  2. "It doesn't last for ages!" -Roy 
  3. 100% artificial
  4. IT Crowd Co.
  5. Genuine and sugar free

II, III, IV. I made different layout with diferent shapes but always keeping the initial hierarchy of my phrases. The first ones may look more a poster, so I am deciding between the last two. Maybe I will go with the eliptical one because it ressembles more a jam label. 


Type Systems

I, II. I want my piece to look like one of the 50's labels, with round letter forms, so it looks like old. I want to give it a ironic conceptual meaning creating like a contradictory message between the visual forms and the message: a jam that doesn't label but for some reason somebody is selling it. No logic at all, but for me tremendously funny. So I guess others person that love as much as I do IT Crowd will love this message.

My brainstorm list:

  • Plaid shirt
  • glasses
  • cup
  • british
  • intelectual
  • fantastic!
  • sweet
  • sugar
  • computer
  • Windows
  • RAM
  • robot
  • internet
  • funny
  • ironic

III, IV, V. This phrase is something I've working for some weeks. It was the first lettering piece I started to made and I let it behind because I coudln't make it work. It was driving me crazy. This class it's a perfect opportunity to take it back, work more in its conceptual backup and get the work done! Here is this first piece and some sketches working in lettering styles: 


This is pretty bad... I am working in different styles.


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