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Tj Hunt

I put the "F" on the Art Building



Like a Rhinestone Chow-boy

I absolutely LOVE so many of the character designs for this class and I decided to give er a go.  My first page of sketches was mainly trying to figure out a general body shape and then work on details after the fact. 

My first dude was too round, second was too square, but my third was just right (at least in my opinion).  Bad posture was a must for my guy, as Im not sure what sitting up straight would even feel like.  I'm still playing with the details and would love to hear some feedback.


Sketches part 2.  I simplified the guy a little bit, feeling 90% good on him.  Then started playing with colors and or shading options.  The middle face is my attempt at that "loose color" style but even trying to be loose ends up looking a little too controlled (thanks alot OCD).  Im sure if i were doing an actual webcomic I'd probably end up doing either just flats or just shading (for speed)



Im still trying to get the "feel" of the character down and I think the cute little dot eyes are the way to go (it'll help hide my insanity lol).  Here's a couple quick sketches of me getting suspicious/accusing and full on irate


Think I've finally got my model sheet figured out... on to the comic!!



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