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Like We Never Loved At All


One Line: Perrie thought they could survive anything.

Primary audience: Zerrie fans. Fans that love this couple so much, and share the pain of their breakup. Even the fans that still ship them. All in all fangirls.

Blurb: Perrie is feeling the magic in her relationship slowly run out, but she was never prepared for what was to come.

Lately, I've been feeling like my relationship has been falling apart. Zayn and I still haven't made any wedding plans, the latest we've done is get a new house together. The distance was only killing us more, not that Zayn put any effort in that. Tomorrow I would be heading off to Germany with the girls for our new single 'Black Magic'. Zayn wasn't here he was in studios recording music, I didn't know if he would come to tell me goodbye or not. I was very supportive of him making his own music, it's what makes him happy and that's all I care about. If he's happy I'm happy. Sure when he left 1D he left the fans crushed but we both hoped that in the end they would understand. Although some of them blamed me for his departure. Zayn didn't take to that very well, he never liked when fans hated on me. But lately he hasn't even bothered to comfort me or tell me to ignore them. Sure I don't need to be told that but it would be nice to know he cared.

My phone begged me to take it and call him, so I did.

The first time he didn't answer, but I called one more time and he picked up. He answered laughing, which let me know he was in a good mood.

"Hey babe, where are you?" I decided that if he was too busy to come to me, I would go to him.

"At the studio, is something wrong?" I could hear he was still in high spirits but towards the end of his sentence he sounded a bit worried. That made me feel good.

"No, I just wanted to know what you were doing." I tried sounding casual hoping he wouldn't catch on.

"Right, well I need to get back to recording but I'll see you soon."

"Ok, love you."

Little did he know I was going to go see him. Did he even know I was leaving tomorrow? He sounded like he didn't but we haven't talked much either and maybe I forgot to tell him.

Getting my stuff ready I kissed Hatchi goodbye along with my other animals. I called my mom while on my way to the studio to let her know I was leaving and if she could watch my zoo. She said yes of course, I spent the rest of the ride to the studio listening to my ipod. Then my mind wondered what if Zayn wasn't even at the studio? It was too late to turn back, the car stopped at the studio. Guess now I would find out.

The building wasn't so big but going inside it was the opposite. It was very spacious, couches were along the walls. At the desk, there was a lady that looked to be in her thirties. I walked over to her.

"Is there a Zayn Malik here?" I asked nervously. There was a doubt that he could have been lying.

"Yes, he's up in the studio, just take the elevator." She answered politely. I smiled, and made my way to the elevator.

In the elevator I contemplated what I was going to say to him. As soon as the doors to the elevator slid open I was speechless. Zayn was singing into the microphone with his eyes closed, and there was three guys sitting in the chairs recording his voice. I quietly, and slowly walked out of the elevator just standing in front of the elevator behind the guys in the chairs. As soon as Zayn was done he opened his eyes, and they landed on me. Shock, and confusion spread through his features, I winced a little. That wasn't the reaction I wanted. Before I had a chance to change my mind and leave, the guys turned around in their chairs.

"Who are you?" The guy to the left said, as they all wore the same faces. I didn't know any of them. Which explained why they didn't know who I was either.

Zayn made his way out of the studio then, walking over to me.

"What are you doing here?" He asked me, the guys waiting for me to answer.

"I came-," I muttered nervously.

"I came to tell you goodbye, I'm leaving to Germany tomorrow."

"Really? Well before you go wanna go out to eat with me and the guys?" Zayn asked me motioning towards the guys.

"Umm-," I didn't know what to say, I didn't know any of them.

"Oh, I forgot. Guys this is Perrie. My fiancée, Perrie this is Ralph, Vincent, and Anthony." Zayn introduced us, Ralph was black, while Vincent and Anthony were light skinned. They all stood up to shake my hand. I politely shook theirs with a smile.

"So you coming with us?" Anthony asked me. I was still unsure but I nodded.

"Great, let's go I'm starving." Vincent announced as we started to get into the elevator.

Zayn didn't say much on the way down the elevator, or to the car. I kept stealing glances at him, but he didn't look my way. This was weird, why was he being distant?

At the restaurant I made sure to sit next to him. He began chatting with the guys as I sat there looking over the menu. It was nice of Zayn to invite me to dinner with them but, this wasn't going the way I thought it would. He was ignoring me for goodness sake. The waiter soon came over to our table and I ordered a water. Since I knew what I was going to eat I told him that also. Zayn and the guys ordered alcoholic drinks with their meals.

After the waiter left with our orders I faced Zayn, he looked back at me so I took this opportunity to finally say something.

"Is something wrong?" I asked lowly, the guys were in their own conversations so I didn't have to worry too much about them hearing us. Didn't want to embarrass Zayn, in front of his friends.

He rose an eyebrow. "No, why?"

"Nothing." I quickly replied, and just like that he reverted his attention to the guys. He didn't even noticed my tone. I was clearly annoyed, why was I here?

When the food came, I wanted to leave but Zayn was paying so I stayed and finished my meal. We all cleared our plates at the same time, and Zayn asked for the check. Good, the sooner we leave, the sooner I can get away. But luck wasn't on my side tonight. When we walked out of the restaurant Zayn slung his arm over me, keeping me by his side. He was drunk, or buzzed for sure. I was thankful that it was dark enough so no one noticed me rolling my eyes. I wanted to throw his arm off me but I didn't want to make a scene. So I waited it out.

The guys kept laughing about guy stuff, I didn't know what but Zayn laughed also. His head pulled back, laughing at the moon. Then when he brought his head back down his eyes met mine, and his laugh slowly died out. He was looking into my eyes but he seemed far away, like he was looking right through me.

"Zayn I have to get back home, I have an early flight." I couldn't stand one more minute of this horrific night.

"Ok," His arm quickly left my body, leaving me cold.

Was he mad? As soon as he said the words he started talking to the guys again, like I had already left. That's all I was going to get was an ok?

Furious I walked the opposite direction that we had been going and called my driver. I couldn't believe him, I was leaving for Germany and this was our last night together for a while. Wanting to be with him I came all the way here, for him to ignore me most of the night? My driver arrived shortly after. On the way home, I cried. It was stupid, this was stupid. I don't know what has gotten into Zayn. I didn't understand his actions. What did I do for him to treat me this way?

Once I got home I unlocked the door and walked in. Barking filled the house, making echos. I laughed softly, I loved my animals. Then I heard my mum's voice. "Mommys home."

I smiled as she came into view with Hatchi in her arms. Sky and teddy running to me next to her.

We hugged and she gave me Hatchi. I snuggled him and bent down to pet my other love bugs. "So how was your night with hubby?"

Tears threatened to seep out, I fought them. "He ignored me the whole night."

I didn't realize how hard those words were to say but a tear slipped and I felt my mum engulf me in her arms. "Oh, Pezza why?"

The tears fell freely now, I couldn't stop them. Hugs are the ignition to tears. "I don't know." I sobbed into her shoulder. She hugged me tighter. I loved my mum, she's my hero. This was a tough night, and I probably would be in my bed crying all night.

We sat in the living room and I told her what all we did. She asked if I wanted her to stay the night with me. To which I replied a very huge yes. I couldn't be alone tonight.

"Lets watch a movie." Mum suggested.

"I'll grab some popcorn, you pick the movie." I smiled then walked off into the kitchen. I went and grabbed a popcorn bag, put it in the microwave, then pressed popcorn. After a short while I heard it start to pop. When it was done I pulled it out pour it into a big bowl.

"Here's popcorn!" I beamed while going into the living room.

I sat next to my mum, and all the animals got onto the couch next to us. Nothing like watching a movie with your zoo. The movie began, it was Glitter. I remember I first saw this movie with my mum, Katherine and Ellie. We all loved it, its been a fave ever since. I smiled at her choice. Tears began to slip as the beginning played out. That part always got to me. Then the one of the best parts, her walking the streets with her friends. Reminded me of Jade, Jesy and Leigh. That would be us, close as ever. I couldn't wait to see them tomorrow.

When Billie meets Frank, I want to throw myself out the window. Why a romantic film, my heart can barely take it.

"Mum, I'm head to bed. I have to wake up early. I'm sorry I can't finish the film with you but I'll watch it with you definitely another time." I weakly smile. She smiles knowingly, which I appreciate. She stands up to give me a hug. "Goodnight Pez, everything will be okay. Love you." Her words almost make me cry but I just smile. Walking upstairs to the room I want so badly to cry but I haven't made it to my room just yet. So when I open the door the tears fight their way to my cheeks and I don't even resist them. Seeing our huge bed that I have to sleep in alone tonight, and I think about the fact where will he sleep. But I let the thought slip away as I get under the covers and cry myself to sleep.

When I wake up to my phone ringing loudly I feel arms around my body. I smile remembering last night, I softly try to wiggle my way out of my mothers arms. She doesn't even move which I'm thankful for. I grab my phone and answer it when I'm standing up next to the bed.

"Perrie, are you ready? You have to be at the airport in an hour." Jade alerts me.

"I'm getting ready right now, I'll be there. Thanks for the call." She doesn't know but I forgot to set my alarm last night, and if it wasn't for her I would arrive to Germany late.


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