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Like Mother like Daughter

Practice, practice, practice! It's all I've been doing for three weeks. Every spare moment that I have I've been practicing, in the office at lunchtime (I've taken a spare nib and bought a new pot of black ink just for lunchtimes!), on the train to and from the office (I've used a calligraphy cartridge pen for the train, no where near as pretty but handy to get the feel of a pen) and every other spare moment I have I've been putting ink on paper. 

So here are a few snaps from the progress, I've completely moved away from the stencil's and decided to begin by doing the letters one by one. Getting a feel for the pen and each letter, then slowly beginning to form words, and before i knew it, I was writing phrases! Slowly but surely I think I'm getting better!


Just keep going! Starting to play with my name, still using the stencils, but beginning to break away from it slowly! Building up to my own Alphabet. A few of the letter's of Molly's don't feel natural to me or my own handwriting, so would like to experiment and maybe merge them! 


The beginning... 

I have ALWAYS loved calligraphy, and as my mum is a calligrapher, have always watched her writing beautiful letters and cards but have felt they were slightly too out of reach to do. 

Until I read about skillshare on a blog and saw Molly's class. I decide that it's now or never, I know I'll love it. Jump in head first. 

So thats what i've done. 

Here are my initial sketches and letter shapes.. 

My mum and Molly make it look easy! I'm determined though, and for 3 weeks I've practiced everyday! (Officially hooked! It's in my blood!) Slowly but surely, I'm getting there! 

Loads of I, U and O's. Practice makes kinda legible! 

Beginning to play with the Alphabet and Stencil's that Molly set up. 


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