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Like Dark Chocolate


For: My target audience is the Adult or New Adult audience, that like a little zaz or different kind of story with spice on top. A little 50 shades with more fast-paced speed for a short story and maybe more down to earth. A little risque but at the end romance story about a normal cute couple.

The story is: Cold, alone and tired Sam Cacy has to face the fact that nature as played her one. Now she has to stay in a hotel room until everything goes back to normal, no flights are leaving or coming, she's cold and alone for the night And her next door neighbor is not other than the sexy dark skinned man from the hotel shuttle. Not only is he gorgeous but she can't say no to him.

Sample of my story

Part One: Stuck

It wasn't until I was away from home that I got into rougher sex. My first sex partner while I was in college liked to take me from behind while he slapped my ass. The first time it happened it had actually made me giggle, the second one made me gasp, by the fourth I was already coming.

My ass hummed for hours, he hadn't been cruel but he hadn't gentle either so the red marks lasted for two days. I found myself smiling in front of mirrors and shiny surfaces whenever I remembered the sound that his hand made when it connected to butt cheeks, it instantly turned me on. Unfortunately the event didn't repeat itself, at least not with him.

On school break I decided to fly back home, two hours later and one electric storm I was stranded at the airport with meal vouchers and hotel accommodations, and the promise for a next flight the day after tomorrow. Newark isn't the best place in the world but a chance for clothes and shoes with no tax made it more appealing that is if the mall right across the street opened. New Jersey is known for the no tax rule on clothes, so if I had the chance I was going to take the advantage of it.

I followed the directions given by the customer service lady to the bus station. Every hotel had a shuttle coming every few minutes to pick up their guests, so I stood outside in the freezing cold waiting for mine to arrive. My little suitcase was stuffed among a few other passenger that were stuck like me at the back of bus, the hot air inside was a blessing. My eyes had started to water and I hardly felt my nose, I kept checking if it still was there. I wasn't dressed for the current temperature.

"Excuse me miss." A tall dark man said signaling me that he wanted to occupy the seat next to me on where my laptop bag was taking more space than necessary, I scooted closer to the window placing my bag on my lap. I mumbled an apology and closed my eyes, I was so tired. The line at the customer service center had been huge, and mostly everyone was on their way back to south to meet their family on winter break.

I took a glance at my neighbor, the man was so big he looked like a football player type, I tried not to stare from the corner of my eye or through the window reflection I feinted looking outside, and it made it less obvious that I was actually gaping at him. He had short hair, close to the skull and dark chocolate skin, a tiny gold hoop on his left ear, full lips and a strong square jaw. And his body, as his left side pressed against my right I felt how hard he was, his arm and leg felt so warm against mine that made me almost lean onto him, even with the winter clothes I could feel the heat that stemmed from his body. I felt myself blush, I had never before looked at a black man the way I was today, I pushed my thighs together trying to avoid the brush between his leg and mine every time the bus turned or stopped but it was impossible, with his frame he hardly fit on the seat.

"What a day." He said. I felt his hot breath on the side of my face.

"Yeah." That's all that I could manage to say, I felt intimidated by him. I felt like a child at his presence.

"Going back home?" He asked, he was trying to make small conversation while I tried not to drool and say something stupid.

"Yeah." Come on Sam you can do better than that! I wanted to smack my head against the glass.

He sighed loudly and closed his eyes, I was never this quiet with people, it was easy for me to speak to anyone, I was actually the one who always started the small talk but today it was like he had affected my brain cells. I tried to open my mouth and say something but what came one instead of words sounded like the cry of Chewbacca makes in Star Wars. His head snapped up and he turned to look at me and I covered my mouth wishing to die on the pool of my own shame.

"What was that?" He sounded amused, I turned away from him letting my head fall hard onto the cold glass. It was impossible for me to actually function with him there, "That sounded like it hurt, is the window alright?"

"The window!" I snapped.

"And she has voice," he said smiling at me. Believe it or not but he had the most amazing hazel eyes you'll ever see, so warm and clear. I wanted to smile back but the lack of oxygen inside my brain had made me stupid, probably forever. He chuckled and leaned closer to my face making me lean back until my head was forced to the cold window, I saw his hand get closer to my face and I closed my eyes waiting for whatever he was going to do.

I felt a finger on the corner of my mouth being dragged slowly along the side and all the way down to my shin and back up to my bottom lip, out of instinct I stuck my tongue out and licked the part he had touched seconds ago finding something in the path, his finger was still moving slowly on my skin. I heard a sharp intake of breath and opened my eyes, I found him wide eyed staring at his finger for a second then acting like nothing had happened.

He straightened on the seat and I mimicked his movement confused, this stranger had touched me and not a single word of protest had been expressed by me, I officially declared broke.

"You had chocolate on your chin," he said showing me his thumb. I had some dark smudge on it and a little moisture from my tongue. I moved to look through my handbag for a napkin for him but as I passed it to him he just stuck the tip into his mouth and sucked, he slowly turned towards me and smiled. I saw his tongue move around the pad and swallowed hard. He gave me a quizzical look and licked his lips finally smiling again.

"Sweet," he said and stood up.    

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

"It should be under Sam Cacy," I told the receptionist at the lobby as I watched her fingers fly across the keyboard.

"Can I see and ID please," she was used to this, I could see it in the way she moved behind the counter. She moved quickly to take a little folder and opened and drawer at the same time, both times she wasn't even looking at what she was doing. She smiled to herself and murmured a few low words I couldn't understand but as she looked up at me I bent down to look for my passport.

"Is this ok?" I handed it to her, she nodded and took it turning back to her computer and started to click rapidly. I saw her scan the screen and with a last click she turned around grabbing a set a keys and a pamphlet.

"I'm going to need a credit card, I just for insurance honey. Is only a $100 and we'll give it back we you check out." My face must have looked panicked, no one explained me that I had to leave insurance money. I bit my tongue, there was no use on arguing with all these people around waiting for their turn. "Alright." I took back my passport and handed my credit card, she typed the number down, clicked enter. She explained me about the on the house breakfast, room service, laundry room, gym and indoor pool, "Down the hall is the elevator. Third floor." She smiled and turned to the next customer in line.

My room was better than I had expecting, with a tiny kitchen and a decent bathroom with a tub big enough for me to lie inside and take a long hot bath. I removed my shoes and sat on the bed. I touched my lips, tracing the same path the strange man had taken. I let myself fall back closing my eyes. I had been a while since I had sex and now I was so turned on I considered using the water head in his name, not like I knew it but I still had his smile, his eyes, that tongue. I moaned and covered my face giggling. It was the first time I found a man of color sexy, I had always preferred the skinny white guy but today it was like I had been blind.

I heard my phone sound in the distance; I had dialed my father before to explain what had happened. I was to be stranded on this small hotel while everything passed.

"Hey dad!"

"Sammy! How's the hotel?"

"Better than I expected" I frowned; I could hear the TV in the back. If it was so loud it meant that he was alone, my father was deaf when it came to watching his sports games.

"You must be tired," he sounded concerned.

"Exhausted is more like it. Where's mom?"

"She went to the grocery store with your sister."

"Oh, well tell her I will call tomorrow."

"I will honey, sweet dreams."

Excited and exhausted, what a beautiful combination. I dragged my bag to the middle of the room and fished out a pair of long pajama pants and a shirt. I washed my hair and stayed under the hot spray for long minutes. The water must had been too hot because when I stood in front of the mirror. The room was full of steam and the mirror was foggy, I used my hand to wipe it and take a look of myself; my skin had a rosy color instead of the pale color, my nose was still glowing with a shiny red. My almond shaped eyes were barely open, I stuck my tongue to my own reflection and chuckled. The cold weather had transformed everything, even me. My wide lips looked rosy and tingled whenever I licked them. I wrapped a towel around my reddish curls to take some moisture out my hair and turned on the TV.

I nibbled the half sandwich I had bought before at the airport and turned on my computer, looking for a way to get out of Newark. It wasn't going to be easy. Most flights the next day were cancelled and the ones that not were completely full. Calling customer service gave me the same answer the lady had at the airport; I was to be rescheduled for tomorrow at the least and once it happened they would send a notification to my email. Even through the nearest airports JFK and La Guardia was impossible. A loud bag next door startled me, and then another one followed, I stared at the wall praying they, whoever it was, stop.

Five minutes later the sound had picked up tempo and was slightly louder, I had enough and took the keycard and walked out of my room. Even from outside you could hear the continuous thudding of an object being thrown to a wall. I bagged at the door with my fist and waited, it got silent all of the sudden and I heard something fell and steps getting closer.

Suddenly my door slammed shut making me turn around just when I was about to turn around when I felt someone grab my hand and pull hard, body collided against something warm, I heard a door close, I tried to push myself away to whoever had grabbed me but two arms snaked around my waist hard making it impossible to move. I trying kicking and hitting but all I got in return was a laugh against my ear.

"Calm down Chewbacca," his voice came out breathy and raspy. I felt his hot breath caress my face. I was staring dumbfounded, he was my next door neighbor; the one will the obnoxious noise. I felt my toes curl, I was being held in midair against the wall. He had me at eye level with one hand around my waist and the other under my butt. He was standing in between my open dangling legs looking at me with a mischievous smile.    

This guy must have been working out most of his life working out I felt his ripped muscles under my hands and against my body. The warmth that radiated from his body engulfed me completely, his eyes hypnotized me in a way that no one had ever had, I felt my pulse quicken and my lungs expanded seeking for more air.

"Hi." His minty breath made my nostrils burn, I swallowed hard. I was very aware of the huge hot hand against my ass, the contrast between the cold hardness from the wall and the one from his naked hand made me shiver in expectation.

"Hi." I said back

Why was I so calm with this man when I should had been kicking and screaming?

I had no idea, the way my brain froze at his presence scared me and he had taken control over me.

Slowly the arm around my waist moved and grabbed my leg placing it around his hip and then the other one. Both of his hands move around and grabbed me buy the hips lifting me higher, our chests rubbed together; my lack of bra and he being shirtless made the contact more pleasurable making my nipple stand up in attention. He then smiled at me and walked backwards leaving the wall behind, his longs strides made me shift over him feeling him under and between my legs. Now I had no leverage, I panicked when I tipped backwards letting out little shriek and wrapped my arms around his neck. Enclosing myself around him so hard that he hardly needed to hold me.

"You're a pretty little thing," he said looking at me while he sat down with me on top.

His words made me blush. As he stared at me intensely I took a chance to look around us, he room was the inversed version of mine; his was neater, the TV was on a sports channel on mute, there was a towel on the bed and the curtains were open, I could see the sun was setting and night starting to crawling inside the room. I bit my lip trying to fight the urge to look at him, I knew that it was useless for me to try to get off this stranger's lap and I was sure he wouldn't let me but I also didn't want to. It felt good sitting on his lap it was like belong there. I felt his hand caress my left cheek lightly making me gasp. "Look at me." I obeyed swiftly.

He reclined back onto the chair looking all glamorous and relaxed, the light behind him made his skin looked golden by the yellow light reflection on it. I sat astride facing him back straight and both hands resting on my thighs. I was a twitching mass of nerves, a ticking bomb ready to explode. I held his gaze for as long is as I could, his arms no longer supported me, they were laid lazily around me, playing with the bottom of my shirt skimming the skin with the tips of his fingers and nails making my skin burn whenever he touch. I casted my eyes down no longer able to continue the stare game. I felt a pull on my hair, making me tilt my head to the side, as I looked a chunk of my hair was being held tight around his fist, he pulled again but forward drawing in me closer to his naked chest, I supported my body weight by placing my hands on his shoulders stopping me from falling against him.

"It hurts." I said softly, he didn't release me but lessened a little making it less painful but still made me stay where I was. Closer to him.

"What's your name?" Right I didn't even know his name and here I was being manhandled by a stranger away from home at his hotel room that was right next to mine," I don't like to repeat myself." He tugged again, harder.

I licked my lips before answering. "Sam. Sam Cacy."

"Sam." He repeated, tasting my name on his tongue several times while playing with my wet hair rolling it around his wet fingers. He smiled at me warmly in a way that made me want to smile back but being in the position when you don't know what to expect made stay frozen on his lap. He rested his head lazily on his hand looking at me behind hooded eyes. "Aren't you going to ask me my name?"

I nodded but no words came out.

"Then?" He said amused. "Ask me," he smiled into his hand, he was toying with me, I was sure.

I signed trying to relax.

"What's your..." His thumb was suddenly caressing my lower lip interrupting me, he wanted me to ask but he hardly had given me chance to speak, his touchy hands had been all over me since the moment he had pulled me inside his room and now he was concentrated on my face. He traced my jaw and cheekbones, and slowly went down my neck applying more pressure, he stopped placing one hand around my neck, I felt how his fingers went all the way almost to the back, I reacted out of instinct and grabbed his hand trying to pull it away scared, he was trying to choke me but the pressure still let me breathe without difficulty, I tried speaking but the voice coming out of my mouth was raspy and low, I pleaded with my eyes but he just said no and drew me closer making our mouths almost touch.

"Am I hurting you?" I wanted to say yes but the handgrip was actually light, I felt the weight and heat of his hand but nothing else. I nodded slowly. He used his thumbs to caress the skin under my jaw drawing tiny circles of pleasure. "Ask me," he said again.

"What's your name?"

"Ade," his hands travelled from my neck to my waist and hips, gripping hard making me arch trusting my chest forward. His eyes went along the movement of his hands and my body responds, the tiny fires igniting wherever he touched. He parted his legs slowly making me slide down between his legs and then grabbing my butt brought me onward until our crotch collided making me gulp.

He grabbed my hand brushing the center with his thumb and brought it to his mouth placing a hot kiss on to off it followed with a nip of his teeth. "Relax," his eyes lowered while he had his way, taking my index finger licking the length slowly. I moaned when I felt the tight pull and the raspy surface of his tongue, he was sucking my finger like he was a starved man and running his teeth around it.

I squirmed and sighed, his hardness was pressing between my legs on the right places and the tiny pushes he was applying to my butt made me slide all over his hardness. He definitely made me feel more excited than my previous sexual encounters had, with clothes on. Taking my finger out with a pop and letting my hand fall down he bent forward until we were eye to eye. Settling both hands on my hips he caressed his hands all the way down to my ass grabbing it hard making me yelp, my heart speeded wildly inside my chest in loud little thuds.

"I don't want this," I lied. I never felt this way before, I was scared.

"I don't tolerate dishonesty." He bent me abruptly forward and reached around and smacked my ass once.

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