Lightroom iPhone pics

Lightroom iPhone pics - student project

Ok, so I started this class because I needed a refresher in techniques, and I wasn't using Lightroom (snapseed was my thing before this). NOW I love Lightroom. I like the stuff he taught us to do, but I def. veer more B&W style, and desaturated than the teacher as to what I like. I learned how to slow down, take my photos, and edit them in this class...and it was quick to try out the techniques he presented. I love saving profiles to use on multiple photos and I'm going to have to try more of his classes. I might even pull out my DSLR after this to see what I can do with higher resolution photos.

Anyway. I did a few different pics over the course of the weeks I took this class. Here are some of the Lightroom things that I was able to do with my iPhone (no fancy pro version here)

MACRO photo

Spider commuting on a snail. Look at that lovely blue shade to the edge of the snail! No macro lens used on this shot. 

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 1 - student project

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 2 - student project
Still-life wildflowers

I like taking photos of natural things like flowers. This was the first thing I did in Lightroom after watching a few of his videos.

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 3 - student project


I love backlit clouds reflecting on water. I think I'll keep working on these....slightly different picture black & white.

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 4 - student project

Backlit morning trees - Its kinda blown out in a few spots, but will work on it.

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 5 - student project



My husband is a natural model, and needed a new photo for his workplace profile.
Lightroom iPhone pics - image 6 - student project

I needed an updated photo, and my workplace is a bit less straight-laced.

Lightroom iPhone pics - image 7 - student project