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Lightroom Magic! - Create a beautiful soft focus portrait effect

Published!  All feedback, thumbs up and enrolments gratefully received!  I hope you enjoy the class!

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My first SkillShare photography class is a short tutorial on how to create a lovely soft glowing effect around portraits, using Adobe Lightroom.

The class project will be for viewers to take a portrait shot and then edit it using the simple techniques I go through in my video, then upload their edited portrait image as their project.

I plan to start with the first segment as a talking head - me, doing a quick intro of the aim of the class and what the project will entail

The main class then begins by going through through some tips for taking good portraits - perhaps as a set of half a dozen quick powerpoint slides, then have 3 segments of about 3 minutes each showing a Lightroom editing session with me narrating what I am doing to the photo (I use Camtasia to create these screencasts) and why/how to use the different controls.

Finally, a recap on the project to finish.

All comments gratefully received!



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