Nicolas Elizaga

Sr. Interactive Designer @ Discovery. Seattle!



Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!

A quick update to add some repeating lightning patterns and enhance the readability of "RUMBLE." Thanks for the comments/suggestions, everyone! ;)


Here's my latest! Ended up moving into Photoshop to finish up the look & feel, and got some quality time with the rough textures ;) I don't hate the clouds anymore, which is good. Colors are feeling better, too. Any suggestions/thoughs/comments?


Uno mas! Playing a bit more with the composition and concept. I was inspired by Ekaterina's comment below and decided to experiment with onomatopoeic words (and other things!):

There's something I don't like in the sky / cloud colors... need to keep toying with it.


After some playing around in Illustrator:

Still working on color pallete (and everything else haha) – realized it was way too dark overall when I uploaded ;)

Also, having some initial doubts on whether the concept is lame or not... could use feedback to make this a little bit more exciting/interesting. 

Played around with some color Curves in PS, and think I found an interesting direction for the colors:


Hi there!

My word of choice is LOUD.

I want to explore the concept of loudness through storms. Those deceivingly quiet, peaceful, ominous storms that get interrupted by thunderous blasts. The kind that will light up your room while you're watching the rain. The kind you jump at. The kind your dog barks at.

Visually, I really like the idea of loudness created via contrasting colors and extreme negative space. I think that's why in some of the sketches you'll see a tiny little "LOUD" surrounded by vast negative space (which I will fill with things later). I haven't sketched this out yet, but I want to play with the view from a window, capturing that moment during lightning where you see things previously hidden in darkness, with the windowsill/frame creating extra contrast.

I haven't committed to an orientation yet, but most of my sketches are landscape so I suppose that's what I'm going with ;)

Here are my sketches thus far (attached below):

page 1:

page 2:

page 3:

word map:  (created with


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