Lightly Sketching 100 Circles & Ovals

Lightly Sketching 100 Circles & Ovals - student project

PAPER: Strathmore Newsprint, rough surface, 300 series, 18" x 24"

PENCIL: 2H, Faber-Castell


I have a heavy hand, so I opted for the firmer, lighter 2H pencil. The easel is a desktop easel from Michael's (got it 40% off).

I made sure to vary sizes on the circles and vary shapes, sizes, and directions of ovals. 

I had to reset myself a few times to make sure I was using my elbow/shoulder and not really my wrist. And, when I did this, it helped me "land" on the paper more smoothly and improved my ability to create lighter drawings.

Varying the direction you draw (clockwise vs. counterclockwise) helped me tremendously when drawing diagonally-long ovals. I finally settled on one direction for left-leaning ovals and another direction for right-leaning ovals. So, vary the direction to possibly get a better result with more ease.

Took me about 1.5 to 2 hours. I do plan on practicing them daily as I can for warm-up.

Justin Deal
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