Lighting is EVERYTHING

Lighting is EVERYTHING - student project

I learned that lighting is the biggest factor for getting good photos of my artwork! I do a lot of oil paintings, so I find that it's really hard to avoid getting a "glare" bouncing off the texture of my paintings since I like to use a lot of impasto. Natural light is always best, for sure! And now I actually look forward to overcast days because that's the best way to stay true to my colors and to avoid glare. Otherwise, I wait until late afternoon and photograph my art outdoors in an area sheltered from direct sunlight. What a difference between a photo taken in my studio and a photo taken outside on an overcast day! both photos were taken with my phone. Thank you so much!

Hereis the "Before" taken in my studio... lights glaring! YikesLighting is EVERYTHING - image 1 - student project

And here's the "After" -- taken just on my back porch on a day that was pleasantly overcast :) So much better! I just used the Pixlr app to crop it

Lighting is EVERYTHING - image 2 - student project

Rachael Broadwell
Fine Arts Teacher