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Kathy De Wit

Illustrator, designer, teacher




01.01 Made a quick mock-up to see how it looks in the end. Any feedback very welcome12.29
Working again on my drop cap and moving forward, slowly...


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Just started my research right now. When this class started I just went on some vacation in Switzerland, or better, we went to Lugano because I subscribed myself in a workshop Calligraphy vs Lettering thaught by Martina Flor and Guiseppe Salerno.  It was very inspiring and to start this course well I would love to share with all of you there lovely project they are having together. It can only inpire us more for this class I guess.  :)

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Want to show my doodles for my drop cap. Cannot think away of the lighthouse. I really want it into the letter L. It looks lovely to play with the light that is so typical for lighthouses. mmm, lighthouses without light ;) Anyway, I try to find a good letter to start from. More static or more the curled letter...but static is possible too and I could play with figures around it, and lines, symbols...etc.
Anyway, would like some feedback on this. 
Would love the static thick letter with the curles around it and the tiny house down on the bottom of the L. 


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