Lightbulb co. Brochure

Lightbulb co. Brochure - student project

This project was super fun. I think one of the things I struggled with was not really knowing how much "creative liberty" I had with the assets. For example, I played around with the patterns provided and did not really use them as they were in the style guide.

Additionally, I know the style guide mentioned using Minion for the copy, which I did - but I also used Apex for the headings.

Another thing I struggled with was finding free images that had the same "vibe" and matched what the client was looking for. 


Here is the front of the brochure:

Lightbulb co. Brochure - image 1 - student project


This is the inside:

Lightbulb co. Brochure - image 2 - student project


Keeping the inside cohesive with the outside was another obstacle for me because I wanted to keep it legible without being too overwhelming. This is why I chose the cream color for the background, since it wasn't as powerful as having the bright colors that I used on the cover. 

All in all, this project was SOOO fun!

Gina Medranda
Illustrator + Life-long Learner