Lightbulb Co Trifold Brochure

Lightbulb Co Trifold Brochure - student project
  1. Quote: I estimated this project to take me roughly 4-6 hours, and went for a price point in the middle, with a tiny extra padding for any delays/back and forth that occur - I haven’t worked with this client before, but they seem to have all the branding/imagery in place, so it’s more about arranging the content and ensuring it’s flexible.
  2. Client’s Approval:
    1. I would send a skeleton to the client to give an idea if they like my direction, accompanied by any relevant details and thinking process. This might require 2 options to show them two examples of direction, since they’re not restricting me in a specific direction I should follow.
    2. Next, I would send the final designs for feedback. If there are some parts where I’m not sure about, e.g. colour or font choice, I will prepare a pdf with the options, but I will try to only provide one final design for them. I would present it as a PDF with the front and back. I have a feeling, the best way to present it would be to do a 3D render which shows how it’ll look folded, but it might take too much time.
  3. Solution: I decided to make use of the client's branding on existing design example (postcard) for the outside of the brochure. Yellow really catches the eye and the picture is enticing and invites reader to turn the page by guiding the eye. If I had more time I would make it more flexible to accommodate text that they later can put in. For that I'd need to plan options with extra content sections or  longer copy.  I went for a simple design that gives the school as fresh and smart at the same time, and opted for a more muted color inside where the eye needs to focus on information, while still carrying over the playful icon theme.
  4. Result is attached :) Loved the course and it was great fun to work on this project.Lightbulb Co Trifold Brochure - image 1 - student projectLightbulb Co Trifold Brochure - image 2 - student project