Light thoughts

Light thoughts - student project

Hi everyone :) This was my first time using adobe sketch and it was really fun. This drawing is a quick snapshot of what Feb for me has been all about. Where I live we recently had the Chinese lantern festival which was so beautiful and awesome to see. It was neat to see the creativity of some of the lanterns and the mesmerising colours on display. My lantern might mesmerise you in how bad the blending of colours is but hey I tried haha. 

I also recently read and watched The Little Prince. I enjoyed how the movie captured the idea of being so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the “adult” world that you lose the wonders and curiosities of being a child. Being in my mid 20s (ahhh) I think about this a lot and how I don’t want to be caught up in the rat race. I tried to illustrate this by putting the Prince up there in his own world looking over the busy city life.

Lastly 2019 is the year where I want to be my best self. So I’ve been really trying to start good habits and routines to help me get there. The words are in a shape of a circle to as a reminder that it’s an ongoing process and that like a circle I just need to keep going and going and not give up.

Anyways that’s my little/long story, thanks for reading! :)

Light thoughts - image 1 - student project