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Marion Lauro

Aspiring artist



Light and shadows - Pencil Portrait

Hello Gabrielle and fellow portraitists!

I'm not really into lifelike drawing, but I love drawing faces. I also know that I'm never applying enough contrast in my drawings and I figured that would be a good exercise for me.

So here I am.

01| I chose a photo of Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary Watson in Sherlock BBC, a kickass lady with an expressive face.

The photo has nice shadows and I love the play of her eyebrows!


02| I've done a few studies of parts of the face and the whole face, on my tablet and with pencils both. Here's my latest, done in green colour pencil.

I like sketching with colour pencils, I like the way it feels on paper, even though you're limited in the range of values (can't go as light or dark as with graphite, well, I can't anyway, with only one colour).


It's far from perfect (both the drawing and the shading), but I think I'll go ahead anyway. Next step, the drawing!


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