Light and Free in 2013 and Beyond!

Grad school has been both a blessing and a struggle. I have challenged myself intellectually, but have fallen off of the fitness bandwagon. Gaining weight, losing sleep and having bad skin has summed up my 2012 experience. Being part of a health related field adds pressure to remain healthy and also a sense of duty to be a good example to others.  

My goals for 2013 revolve around a central idea: Habits. In particular, creating habits that allow me to lead a healthy life be defualt instead of agonizing over decisions that should be no brainers. 

I have jump started my fitness action plan by becoming a group exercise instructor. I teach 2x a week. I have also written out a schedule that allows me to go to a fitness class at the U directly after class.  I am scheduled t workout 5x a week. 

My Major Goal: 

Develop a exercise schedule of 5x per week and stick to it! Make it a habit!

My Positive Habit Change: 

Pick out exercise clasess throughout the week to attend and go regularly. 


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