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Light Works

1. Motion Blur: I shot this using my Sony A3000 and a 18-55mm lens using the edge of concrete pillar to stabilize my cam for the slow shutter. It was midnight and the 3 hours I spent in the streets of Augusta, GA, my main objective was to get that shutter speed just right because I've never done it before. I caught a car passing at the right moment and got a little motion from the shutter button being pressed but I think the street light effect kinda gives the photo some character.

2: Look Up: Shot this with my A3000 with the standard 18-55mm lens in Charlotte, NC and I just entered the city and started walking around in amazement because I've never been here before. I walked into a shopping plaza off of the main strip and seen these buildings standing tall with the sun glistening off of the windows and shot the pic. Didn't notice the tallest building in the middle of a cloud until processing but I was like damn, it's touching the sky.

3. Candid Portrait: Shot with A3000 and standard lens, walking through the shopping plaza just snapping and seen these two coming around the corner. One and done kinda shot, edited the photo with the thought in my mind like what if they're exes and trying to work things out and it's just not working? Titled it Ex-Factor.

4: Candid Portrait: Augusta, GA at 3 a.m. on top of a parking garage over looking downtown. Wish there were more skyscrapers, but this was just more of a reflective shot in that I'm focusing on the horizon and what's beyond there. I know my surroundings and it's time that I venture out even further. Shot with A3000 and standard lens.

Ig: @kyngshxt_rich


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