Light Play

Hey everyone, my name is Megan (IG: @megannfrasier) I really enjoyed this class and the opportunity to learn from Joe! I've done a lot of experimenting with photography just trying to find a consistant style that represented me and I feel like now I have a much better grasp on how to accomplish that. I have a love for the darker side of photography and while I am still quite the ammiture, that is what I tend to focus on when snapping shots. 

Montana and the West hold my heart, and that is where all but one of these photos were taken over the last year.


This was taken in the ghost town in Bannack State Park, located in SW Montana. The place was straight out of a horror film and completely wonderful.


Yellowstone's salt springs and raw beauty are something to behold any time of year. This was taken last spring when it was FREEZING and yet strikingly beautiful.


My dog is a model. All day. Everyday.


This was taken in Hylalite Canyon, about 20 miles outside of Bozeman, MT. It was a rainy, chilly day in the mountains and this little explorer loved every second of it. 


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