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Light Painting Photography: A Beginner's Guide


Light Painting Photography: A Beginner's Guide



This class will introduce you to the wonderful world of light painting photography.  Whether you’ve dabbled in light painting or if you’ve never even heard of it, this class will give you the basics to get started.

In this class, we will learn:

  • About light painting (and a brief history)
  • Equipment needed (also, gadgets and toys you may want)
  • Set up (location, props and prep)
  • How it works (step by step)
  • Lighting techniques (how to paint with light)
  • Tips and tricks
  • Project ideas (ideas for your light painting project)



Create a light painting.



Your project, should you choose to accept it, is to create one light painting.  All practice photos will self-destruct after you upload your masterpiece.  Okay, not really, but sometimes the thought of creating an awesome image can be stressful.  The goal here is to have fun and apply what you’ve learned.  That’s why the assignment is simple.  Create a light painting. 

If a blank canvas is too intimidating, try something a little more focused. 

  1. Choose an item inside your house.
  2. Stage it somewhere in your house.
  3. Light paint it using one or more of the techniques you’ve learned.
  4. Light paint that same thing at least 10 times, trying different angles, different lighting and different camera settings.
  5. Select your favorite.
  6. Upload your project.

Feel free to upload your 2nd and 3rd favorites if you like.  It’s good for all of us to learn from the variations and different ways to create light paintings.


Be creative.

The possibilities are endless.

Try stuff.

If you’re not getting the results you want, keep trying different things.  Change your camera settings, use more light, use less light.  

Have fun.

This is all about having fun.


Try using just white light.  Then try some colors.

Permission to play.

Play.  Rearrange.  Move the camera.  Move your prop(s).  Have your cat photo-bomb your painting.


Get your friends or family to be in your photos.  Kids especially love playing with flashlights.

Did I mention having fun?

Yes, I did.  Have fun.  That's what light painting is all about.


Class Outline PDF



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