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My Blog is:

I have scoliosis myself (which is a curving and twisting of the spine) and had spinal fusion surgery to correct it in 2010. My blog is about my experiences living with the condition post surgery. 



To raise awareness of scoliosis and to help and inspire others through my experiences. - Blog Strategy - image 1 - student project


  • Those with scoliosis who are recently diagnosed and searching for answers
  • Those with scoliosis who are waiting for surgery (typically teenage girls) 
  • Parents/friends/family of those with scoliosis who may need reassurance/advice
  • Adults who have / have not had surgery and who live with scoliosis 


The blog’s audience is typically women, mainly as scoliosis is more common in females. 

This is Sophie. She is 14 and has recently been diagnosed with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis and told that she needs surgery. She is scared of the surgery and what her future holds. She feels upset about her diagnosis, which came as a shock to her and her family. She had never even heard of scoliosis until recently and doesn’t know anybody else with the condition. She feels alone and self conscious. She is looking for others to connect with who have been through the surgery, to provide reassurance that she is not alone and that everything will be ok. 



5 words to describe the style of writing on my blog: 


  • Inspirational
  • Personal 
  • Honest
  • Positive
  • Helpful 



  1. Increase blog views to 6,000 views per month by December 2020 by building the “life with scoliosis” brand.
  2. Grow my YouTube subscribers to over 100 by the end of the year. 
  3. Create an editorial calendar and post at least 1 blog post every month for the rest of this year. 
  4. Increase Instagram following to 5K by the end of the year.


Longer Term Goals


  • Start making money out of YouTube by January 2021
  • Start selling products on my blog by January 2021
  • Create an inspirational book about my journey with scoliosis in the next 3 years. 


Life with scoliosis is a personal, positive and inspirational blog, focused on providing content about scoliosis to those who live with the condition, or know somebody with the condition.

Its aim is to increase awareness of scoliosis and help and inspire those with the condition

Why am I doing this?

Purpose # 3: It’s a creative outlet, to express my personal thoughts and feelings

Purpose # 4: To give me a personal project and focus and develop my skills

Purpose # 5: To share my scoliosis journey and experiences post surgery to raise awareness and inspire others

Purpose # 6: To eventually generate an extra income

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis I plan to...


  • Raise awareness of scoliosis and grow the lifewithscoliosis brand
  • Help and inspire others through sharing my experiences
  • Raise money for Scoliosis Campaign Fund
  • Generate additional income from my blog
  • Create an inspirational book out of my blog / experiences


Content Pillars


  • Engagement

Inspirational Scoliosis Stories, Interviews with people with Scoliosis, Inspirational Images/Quotes about Scoliosis, Fitness, Running, Yoga, Lifestyle. 


  • Evergreen

Tips for living with scoliosis, Tips for pain management, product recommendations, product reviews, gift ideas, 10 ways to look after your back when home working, 5 ways scoliosis can impact your mental health *from my own experiences*


  • Events
  • Back Care Awareness Week
  • World Mental Health Day
  • Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Scoliosis Awareness Day / Month 

Source Library


  • I have set Hootsuite up to keep track of the #scoliosis hashtag. 
  • I have set up Google Alerts to alert me of scoliosis references. 
  • I use Google Drive for storing. 


Publication Channels

Currently, I publish blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, sometimes Instagram if relevant

Need to look at other publication channels available. 

Publication Frequency

Starting from August 2020


  • One Post a Month
  • One YouTube Video a Month


Roles and Responsibilities


Content Strategist, Copywriter, Approver = Myself

Proofreader = partner 

Designer = Outsourced / but I am learning photoshop 

Web Manager = partner 


Tactics to meet objectives 


OBJECTIVE 1: Increase blog traffic to X per month  (need to check what it is now) by building the “life with scoliosis” brand by the end of the year. 



  • Regular, consistent blogging/Youtubing by following a content plan
  • SEO Audit - fix any issues 
  • Link Building - outreach 
  • Branding 
    • Continue to grow the brand and ensure brand guidelines are followed. 
    • Create templates for all my social media posts - eg pinterest. 
    • Branded T-shirts, mugs, items to sell. 
  • Optimise Pinterest 

OBJECTIVE 2: Grow my YouTube subscribers to over 100 in the next 12 months. 



  • Regular YouTube Videos
  • Learn about YouTube tactics and improve the quality of my videos

OBJECTIVE 3: Create an editorial calendar and post at least 1 blog post every month for the rest of this year. 


Started on Trello. 


  • Research relevant themes and events for content ideas
  • Get ideas from friends and family
  • Get ideas from readers of the blog/social media (survey readers)
  • Research keyword trends 

OBJECTIVE 4: Increase Instagram following to 5K by the end of the year.




  • Continue posting good content
  • Schedule some time to engage more with relevant hashtags etc
  • Watch tutorials for ideas. 


CONTROL - How will success be measured?


I need to set up KPI reporting to monitor the following (monthly) 


-Traffic to the site 

-YouTube Stats

-Instagram/Facebook Stats

-Brand Searches on Google / Social Media

All tactics will be put into Trello and prioritised. 

Louise Laurie
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