Lifestyle Line of Bags and Wraps: travel, yoga, daily totes

Hi this is Pia! I am in the start up phase of manufacturing women's bags and wraps.

Not ever sure of name since each bag has different purpose. For the sake of project just calling them "travel bags llc" "yoga bags llc" "day totes llc'  since they're all different purposes

For the project I will focus on the bags alone.I plan to expand the line to include a variety of lifestyle bags. For example: Weekender, Day to Day Totes, Yoga/Gym etc.......                                                                                

My background is Travel and Spa.  I still have far reaching contacts with my Flight Attendant friends and avid travelers as well as people in the Spa Industry in several states.  So I am working on the travel bag first. The reason I keep going back to the travel bag is because I'd like to be able to give samples out to my flying friends who will be out and about domestic and international trips. 

Right now I am out talking with boutiques and luxury hotels in New Orleans to see if there is any interest at all in my travel bags. I will do the same with the Yoga Studios, Gyms etc to see if perhaps I should begin line with one of the other styles. 

Originally I wanted to source everything locally but now I see my options here in New Orleans are limited. I do have a local "factory' for sewing and they can do a sample when I am prepared.  Aside from that I am considering working with someone back up in NYC where I have family or going overseas: Asia 

So my first step is to talk directly with retail and boutique and hotels to generate interest.                  

I have a simple design - I want high quality leathers and  other textiles. I also would like to be able to customize bags if possible. 

Thank you for reading about  my project. Feedback is appreciated!  Warm regards, Pia 

Liz: i met with a lawyer who said to separate everything. for ex: travel bags llc yoga bags llc and me as the 'holding company' in case there is any issue with one aspect of a lifestyle line one won't affect another.  i have not listed as a business name at this time...keep dabbling in names. thx


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