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I work for a national arts non-profit that supports emerging artists (they come through our program at 15-18 years old) in the visual, literary and performing arts by providing life-changing experiences (workshops and masterclasses), giving monetary awards, facilitating college scholarships, and showing them that they CAN pursue a career in the arts. 

The challenge has been how to connect with 15-18 year olds and provide content that will make them interested in applying to our program (and allow us to help launch them as the next generation of great artists in america - so that we can keep the arts alive and thriving in our nation!). 

I've always known that the best way to do this is through our "product" - the alumni of our program. But how? We've used some of our most notable alumni on our posters to schools, etc. - but I think on digital media, it gets REALLY boring promoting celebrities over and over again. 

So, I think I found it. Here are my ideas for each of the major platforms that Gary discusses:


The whole project for each of the platforms kind of begins with my original idea for Instagram. I am going to allow select alumni, each week, to take over our Instagram page and show people the #LifeOfAnArtist. Each week will feature an alum in a different discipline (we have 10!) and in different locations across the U.S. (and maybe even during their travels!).

Artists have been trendsetters for all society, for ages. This platform is to give the digital public insight into the Life of an Artist through following the photos and insights of YoungArts Alumni and Master Teachers. YoungArts Alumni and Master Teachers will Take Over the YoungArts Instagram for a week at a time (Monday – Friday) and show the public what the life of an artist consists of – this can include photos of travel, studio space, rehearsals, meetings, backstage and behind-the-scenes, things you see daily, things that inspire you, your fashion, your favorite spots to go to, your favorite books, favorite collaborators, etc. It will conclude with a written blog post, from the artist, that explains their life as an artist. 


This leads me to Tumblr. Each week, we will feature the alum who is taking over Instagram in a larger way - by profiling them at the beginning of the week on our blog (and maybe using a GIF picture of them with a key quote!?) - and then having them write a wrap-up of how they feel about their life as an artist, including the top four or five instagram photos from their take-over that week. 

Facebook and Twitter

We will continue to use Facebook and Twitter, per normal (for posting updates about our application process, events and sharing updates on alumni and articles that discuss different aspects of the arts) but we will also use it to engage people through this process. We will post updates throughout the week (our favorite Insta photos and the blog posts) and ask people to engage - how do they live as an artist!? What is their favorite coffee shop, collaborator, fashion piece, city to travel to, etc. - based on what content we're getting from Instagram - so they feel apart of the larger conversation and can really engage there. 


Our Pinterest page is basically being used to inspire the artist life-style! I have already started boards on "Artist Fashion," "Starving Artist... No More!," "Artist Work Spaces," and inspiring boards for all of our different disciplines! It's kind of a spin-off of our Instagram, but really focused on just helping people create the artist life-style they may not even know they want to live! ;)

So that is one campaign "jab" - to inspire people by allowing our product to inspire them with their artistic lifestyle. 

Then the "hook" part comes when we begin informing people that one way they can have this lifestyle is to apply to our program !

We plan on doing this by using cute animated graphics on Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest and call-to-action posts on Facebook and Twitter directing them on where and how to apply and creating great content on a new website we're designing to make it easy and accessible for 15-18 year olds to get on and change their life. 

Thanks for a great class, Gary! It was helpful in ensuring I was on the right path to really connecting with our future artists on these platforms :)

Hoping I win the one-on-one so I can learn even more!!!! 

Thanks! -Megan 


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