LifeList: More than one path.

LifeList: More than one path. - student project

Working on my life list has helped me to focus on and voice the things that energize and inspire me. 

Dinosaurs are really important to me — a source of mystery, wonder, science, and loads of excitement. There's a part of me that wishes I could redo the last decade so I could go to undergrad for paleontology, but the process of making this list has begun to reframe and refocus my ideas of what's possible. There is more than one path.

I want to go on a real dinosaur dig somewhere — Montana, Wyoming, Patagonia, Egypt...

I took a dinosaur class at Drexel last spring, and I'm keeping reading and learning about dinosaur anatomy, history, and theories. I would love to find my own piece of a Triceratops! (but any dinosaur would be super exciting)

GoMighty profile:

I've loaded a few goals into GoMighty, but it gets a bit time-consuming adding pictures. Here's the list so far:

Take dance classes – ballet, hip hop
Translate a book of poetry
Re-learn Spanish
Learn French
Learn Arabic
Study resistance literature – women writing and revolutions
-       a children’s story
-       a book of poetry
-       short stories
-       a YA novel
-       a memoir
Win a Newbery Award
Read all the Newbery Award winners
Read all the Pulitzer Prize winners
-       Paris
-       Italy
-       El Salvador
-       Columbia
-       Europe in general
See axolotyls in their natural habitat (Mexico)
Hike Machu Picchu
Go on a real dinosaur dig
Take the train to Montreal
Live near the ocean
Live next to a lake
Own a coffee shop/book shop
Make/sell delicious baked things
Work with good books
Love my job
Work from home
Work for myself
Get an MFA in creative writing
Own goats for milk
Own chickens for eggs
Live in Maine
Take a hot air balloon ride
Have a pen pal
Write a book by hand
Play the cello
Learn to swim
Learn to dive
Do a sprint triathlon
Wear my dinosaur head on public transportation
Ride the Broad Street Line from end to end
Ride the Market-Frankford Line from end to end
Ride a bus route from end to end
Ride a trolley in San Francisco
Take an overnight bike trip
Eat only seasonal, local produce for a year
Learn to drape
Learn to fashion draw
Learn to make patterns
Make a kite that flies
Give wedding gifts to all my friends I didn’t gift at their wedding
Have a clawfoot tub
Have a studio
Make a bed cover
Send holiday cards once
Send timely birthday cards for a whole year
Bring hostess gifts for a year
Visit the Field Station dinosaurs
Dig for trilobites
Do a dog run with Bodie
Volunteer at the library
Be an astronaut/go into space
Be on Project Runway
Ride the Duck Boat
Go on regular dates with DiploD
Go on non-food-centric dates with DiploD
Do a backbend
Run a half marathon for PR under 2 hours
Rescue a military dog
Send letters to people I don’t know to make pen pals
Make macarons
Start a CreativeMornings PHL
Be a contributing writer for Bust magazine
Start my own/be the editor of a magazine/literary journal
Be a contributor on This American Life