Life - student project

First of all. Really fun assignment and I think that this Skillshare class gave me lots of great tips and tools to work with. Thank you.

So I'm a sucker for animals. Deers are really beautiful creatures. And I thought that it would fit pretty good to the picture.

WIP 1. (Beautiful deer)

Life - image 1 - student project

WIP 2. (Cut it out and put it in the picture.)

Life - image 2 - student project

WIP 3. (Shadows and lighting.)

Life - image 3 - student project

WIP 4. Add some contrast. I thougt something about life meets life. So I sketched out a blob.

Life - image 4 - student project

WIP 5. Ok so it's kinda flat. Like really flat.. Add some depth and make it more realistic. Played around a bit with the shadows and lithting. Gave it some opacity and played around alot with the adjustment layers to get a nice touch. Voila!

Life - image 5 - student project