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Life with kids! Sofa/Credenza update

Well, I've discovered that this is NOT easy to do.  In fact, I had to do a shopping trip to add items to my room.  Originally, I photographed certain rooms in my house, but when I watched the sofa/credenza video, I realized that a different room would be quicker to accomplish. 

Love to hear feedback on these.  I think I have the 8 elements, but the feel seems more formal and less eclectic than many of the other posts.  

Credenza before:

Sofa before:

Sofa after:

Sofa detail:

Credenza after:

I think this room will evolve over time.  Now, photos of the next room in progress!  Would love suggestions!


Life with kids keeps my house from being what I want it to be.  So, I want to work on almost every room, but I picked the ones that will have the most impact.  Here they are!  Can you tell that I took the pictures before I watched the first video?  I guess things will get better as I go along!

A photo that I've loved forever!  It has the 8 Principles.  


lots of seating and conversation 


the sofas and chair are placed to faciliate conversation


the pattern in the wallpaper (or paint) and on the floor is simple, but dramatic


very linear balanced by objects in the cases and the oval frames in the mirror's reflection


softness in the sofa and fringe on the pillows balance the hard lines of the rest of the room


a range of neutrals with one bright red and one small bright blue accent


right in the middle to soften up the look


mirror frame, coffee table and the chair provide great balance and pop to the neutrals

Now, onto my reality.......

The family room - we are here all the time!  Its our tv space and play area.

The living room - soon it will not be a place where we store hockey equipment!

Or the rest of our junk!

The bathroom needs help too!

So does the bedroom.

The foyer - not much space to make an impact!

So, I have a week off of work and I am ready to begin my projects!


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