Life with a Morton's neuroma

I used to run throughout the week, until a Morton's neuroma put a stop to it.  Through orthotics, new shoes, exercises, and maybe swimming, I'd like to get back to being active and strong, and hopefully heal this inflammed nerve.

More frequent exercise---swimming once a week in the ocean here---and keeping closer tabs on what I'm eating are my goals.

I'd love to run a 5 or 10k, or the Dipsea this year.  I would like my structured legs back, and to feel like the exercise I do has a point, rather than injuring me further.  Living in a tropical climate, it'd be great to have a body strong and flexible enough to surf, horseback ride, and run all year.

I've started doing planks, pushups, and assorted other strengthening exercises every morning. It feels good!


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