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Lindsay Dale

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Life is the most spectacular show on earth.

Hello everyone, I am so excited to finally start this class! I have been wracking my brain for weeks for a quote that I even have this huge list I put together. I finally chose to do the quote 'Life is the most specatular show on earth," from Water for Elephants. There is something about it that I kept coming back to and it is a decent length for my first project. I can't wait to see everyone elses projects and to get crits on mine! Until next time :) .

Brain storming: 

I know I want this to be a poster for the final format. I am thinking vintage circus poster theme, especially since this comes from a circus themed book.

Moodboard :

I did a lot of research on pinterest and google and these are my top pics of inspiration.

Warm Up :

Sorry for the quality these are a little dark. These are a few of my warm up drawings
on the word 'Spectacular." I think I want this to be the most ornate word out of the bunch but these are just a few ideas roling around.

Thumbnails : 

So I started sketching out some rough thumbnail layouts of my poster. I haven't nailed down my lettering styles yet but I wanted to get an idea of how the layout will look. The circus idea will be more present once I nail down how the letters will look. But I am liking what I have so far. :) also sorry for the image quality my scanner isn't the greatest.

More thumbs :

So I took my sketch # 5 and did some more thumbs from that one. I like the idea of making the border look like an old ticket. I'm not sure what I would put in the circles yet, if I even put anything in them. I am liking how this is coming along though. 

Anothe rough:

So school is back in session so I haven't ben able to touch this much :(. Anyways I am struggling with the words 'the most" and show.

More Lettering practice / ideas:

Hey everyone! So I finaly have a tiny break between projects, or atleast I am making on :) to work on this poster! I have been super busy with school and trying to get my portfolio ready for submissions to internships. I am hoping to get this done as I see this as a great piece.

New update! I am hoping this is my last pencil version before I take it to ink.


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