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Life is like an ice cream cone.

Each year my friend and I exchange calendars for our birthdays. We always strive to find the most well-designed, creative and unconventional planners that fit eachother's personalities and style. This year I will be giving her a custom calendar with a hand illustrated cover. 

This past year, my friend has worked harder than anyone I know. She will go days without sleeping, she stresses over each project, and won't stop until its perfect. As this dedication and drive can create a positive work ethic, it also can result in an unbalanced and unhealthy personal life. I thought it was only fitting to take a quote from the creator of her favorite childhood show, which happens to be one of the oldest and wisest cartoons ever; the Peanuts.

To remind Nicole to savor eachday as it comes, I chose the saying  "Life is like an ice cream cone, you have to lick it one day at a time" from Charles M. Schulz. My reference will be vintage ice cream shop signs and dairy crates while trying to keep a little playfulness from the Peanuts. 

Lettering Warm Up 01

I really enjoyed the first couple of warm up words, when I tried to mimic the "feel" or "consistency" of ice cream is when I started to struggle. When trying to replicate something, I find myself over thinking as well. Although I learned alot from it, I definitely see those couple as something I would really have to play around with or keep practicing. 


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