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Life is good outdoor label

OK, here it is in final form! This has been a great class, and has gotten me back in touch with laying out and drawing type and image compositions by hand. Thanks to all who have shared their work and comments. I'd like to hear what folks think of the final. Thanks,


It's taken me quite some time to get back to the drawing board on this one! Busy life, 2 kids, long commute, blah blah, etc ecuses. Anyway, here is where I've landed at the moment. I plan to roughen it up quite a bit; first by hand, when I do the inking, perhaps even starting with the pencil sketch as a guide, then eventually once in the computer will probably tweak a bit more. But in the true spirit of the class, I will endeavor to do as much as possible BY HAND! Love to hear what people think. Thanks!


I have been working at Life is good for many years as a graphic designer, and am always challenging myself to grow and evolve personally, and with the brand, ultimately marrying my fine art yearnings with my day to day professional responsibilities, and opportunities. My hope for this project is to arrive at some aha moment via looking at something from a fresh perspective, outside the walls and time-constraints of the real world job. It would be great to tap into a thinking and creative process that might not have emerged in the same way in the everyday scheme of things. I have sometimes found that on a snow day or a weekend, when I have some time to work on work stuff, I enter a different creative realm that is refreshing and exciting. The boots in the cover photo are something I just worked on this weekend, thinking of an apparel graphic, but I think there might be something there I can use for the label design class. I am so PSYCHED to have the opprtunity to take this class with Jon Contino, whose work I am a HUGE fan of!

Below is a mood board compiling several labels I feel encompass the general aesthetic I am going for.

I really like the idea of some kind of containing device like an oval, circle, rectangle, etc. Some kind of iconic illustration that can simply, directly convey the whole outdoor feeling without being too specific to any one kind of activity. Universal, simple, clean, authentic, cool.

Here are my initial sketches, trying out the diamond format, and the circle. I keep coming back to the looseness and flow of the label in the upper left corner of my board as something I'd like to capture. Not sure if the circle or diamond will still figure into this. The authentic, hand-done aesthetic is definitely something the company embraces, and I really think that will figure into the final composition.


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