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Life is full of little interruptions

"Life is full of little interruptions" - Taylor Swift

Taylor puts several 'secret messages' between the lyrics of her songs in her albums and this is the secret message of the song "Innocent", which she wrote right after Kanye West interrupted her speech during the VMA back in 2009. Now, I know this was very specific to her situation, but I think this quote applies to life in general. Life is so unpredictable. I'm talking here from little interruptions in our daily lives - phone calls, messages, the internet etc - that only makes us stop what we are doing, to 'big' interruptions in general. Things that happens in life and you have to go to another direction that you never thought you would. Things you planned on doing when you were younger but something happened and you couldn't do it or you simply changed your mind. 


Lettering Types
I didn't like my first sketchs but I thought I should share my progression as well. I didn't like anything in the begining. I think that as beginners, we always think that the people who already have experience do it in the first try and maybe that is the case for some people, but a lot of experienced people don't get the results in their first try. So here is my first try:

And this is my second sketch (which I like a little bit more and I think I really improved here):


Trying out the first thumbnails (these are still based in the first sketch)


Thumbnails (after the second sketch of letter types)

As you can see, I created way too many thumbnails, haha. I was never happy with what I was doing, but I think the final lettering has some of the ideas I had during the sketch fase!


I was having a hard time working with the one syllable words, then I realized I didn't have to put only one word in each line. So i decided to put two words together and it turns out it was the one I liked the most. To be honest, I hate the first two sketchs. The final lettering is not perfect but it's my first one and I think I improved a lot during the 3 days I spent doing it.

Final inking

I'm working on coloring it right now. I hope it can be a little better :)

Thank you so much for the class, Mary Kate. I really enjoyed it!


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