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Life is filled with little pleasures

When I was trying to choose a quote for this project, I just happened to get my calendar reminder that it's my gran's birthday in a couple weeks, and to talk to my mum about a present for her. So I let that percolate for a while, and then I figured, why not create her birthday card myself?

Our side of the family comes from France, so of course I ended up scouring the Internet for French quotes... I had several contenders, but this one won:


So there's my word hierarchy, which was easier with this one than some of the other, longer ones -- I do speak French, but I'm out of practice. So I translated them all into English to help with that (rather than German? for some reason? ok, brain), and that worked, but I just loved the message in this one most.

Here's the evolution:


Disclaimer: I love circles. I have circular design tattoos, I'm not even pretending anymore...


I scanned the final draft with my phone and recreated the drawing digitally in Procreate; and then printed it on good stock to see how it turned out... so now I can save it and go to the shop to print is as a birthday card :)


Thank you so much for this class, Teela! You're a great teacher!


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