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Life is better with doodle


The phrase that i choose is 'life is better with doodle' I want something fun, cheerful and innovative/unique at the same time.

This phrase can be seen as a poster/tshirt/artwork. 

I tried to sketch with pencil.. but since I'm always comfortable (for years!) using ink pen such as micron, gel pen, I decided to use ink pen. Hope its okay! =D.. 

My brainstorm words are:

doodle -- pen, freeflow, good, flowing, rope

better --- ladder, thumbs up, bathtub (feeling good), an arrow to the right side indicate good/positive

other words -- rope, book, fun, freedom, smile, brush, ids, swish, ornaments, festive, mind, hand thinking, spontaneous, alphabets, scribble, dots, swirly, quill, cheerful

Here are some inspirations. I also want something light, and found that lettering in a shape will be a nice idea. The colour probaby will be light green/mint + peach (since its my personal favourite too!)

I choose 'doodle' as my practice.. There are some lettering/sketching that I don't really know whether they r serif/ornate/others.. so i just named the one that i knew.. ;)... I was having fun with drawing 'doodle' in many forms that I like/find it suitable with this phrase

more doodle sketch...

And this is my thumbnail skecthes.. I'd like to incorporate a pencil into my drawing and maybe some little scribble. I like sun.. just to help with the idea 'better' shinier, brighter, more positive. But I also don't want to be too literal.. I put some 'ray lines' on better just to get the idea of sun.. and helps to be noticeable too.

I like the ribbons going around the big pencil, but found that option will not involve too many lettering options.. so i skip that idea..

I like when all the words are inside the long pencil (the bottom sketch on first pic).. Seems neat. And the other will be the pencil on the side, with a ribbon wrapping it, saying 'doodle' seems tie in with the concept. I might use the lettering style of 'life' on the left.

so, what do you guys think? :) thanks!


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