Life is a lot easier when you're beautiful

I kid, I mean it's true, but seriously I'm joking.  Lol I want to be in shape because I started smoking in college and towards the end of my four year soul crushing romp through NYU, I had the most cliche smokers moment; I walked up a flight of stairs and I was out of breath.  This blew my mind.  I've never been very athletic, but I was WAY too exhausted after that.

Some other reasons I want to be in shape include:

  • Not being out of breath when I tell stories
  • Not being out of breath when I'm having sex
  • Being healthy, because honestly healthy food is delicious but I just have no sense of structure in my food intake, and I usually opt for the fast food/triple bypass heart attack burger.  Often.
  • Rock climbing
  • Intense partying
  • The structure of a thought out work out plan.  I'm big on structure.
  • And just looking and feeling good.

I'm a skinny dude and I don't have bigorexia, but a few lbs of muscle and bump in stamina couldn't hurt.  

Can't wait to go through this journey with you fine, sexy people.  =]

Oh yeah!  I'm a craft beer aficionado.  Fancy term for functional alchy.  I'm going to NEED to be in shape to counteract the effects of beer belly, a disease plaguing men since happiness, I mean beer, was invented.


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