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Life is a game, Love is the prize

Sooooooooo..... I'm not a calligrapher. In any way. I'm actually a Web Designer so I look at THIS all day:

Anyways, I also work a lot with typography and have always admired SO many different types of font. However I have no "physical" artistic skills in anyway but I would like to aquire one in calligraphy if anything. 

So this is LITERALLY my first try at calligraphy. I'm a master at Illustrator and PS so I'm excited to learn how to turn my type into vectors.

So the full saying I want to create is "Life is a game, love is the prize" but being that its taken me over a week just to get to this point I'm just going to start with this. 

Let me know what you think. I'm really excited about this class! 



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